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Breaker Card
For preliminary Carding of short fibre with high straw content.
Machine fitted with 2 pairs of rollers.
Suitable for feeding by hand or from a Hopper.
Production Capacity 250 Kgs/hour

Finisher Card
V X Card. Suitable for processing Machine Tow or pre-Carded
Scutched/Decorticated or Broken Hemp.
Fitted with Hopper Feed and Drawing Head at delivery.
Production Capacity 165 Kgs/hour

Short Fibre
Preparing System comprises of 3 Passages of Drawing Frames.
Capacity 165 Kgs/hour.

Dry I Semi Wet Spinning
'Demimack', Dry or Semi Wet Sliver Spinning Frame.
Having 480 spindles. Reach 14", Ring Dia. 3"
Traverse 12". Count Range .NM 4 -NM 15.
Speed Range 5000- 9000 r.p.m.
Electronic Stop Motions. Automatic Doffing.