JUTE - Providing New Business Opportunities



The importance of jute, as a biodegradable fibre is growing. Mackie pioneered the development of robust machinery to process jute and it's allied fibres. Jute is well established in the packaging industry, and for high quality carpet backing and matting, and it is now growing in popularity due to environmental demands. This is providing new business opportunities for the expansion of existing product lines, and the development of new ideas, such as garment production, automotive soundproofing and composite panels in geo-technical structures.


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Jute and Allied Fibre Systems

Machines to process from raw material through Batching, Carding, Drawing, Spinning, Twisting, Winding, Beaming, Weaving and Finishing. Available systems will produce high quality and standard hessian fabrics, sacking and sale twine as well as single and plied carpet yarn. Specialised machinery adapted for processing jute is available for the production of diversified jute products including textile grade jute and jute blended yarns.




The 'Mackhigh' Jute Spreader produces large diameter high capacity rolls, thus saving labour at the feed of the Breaker Cards. A sliver regulating device, working in conjunction with the platform scale at the feed, controls the material input weight. Emulsion is applied under pressure to the sliver at the delivery prior to take up at the roll former.



M Series Cards

The MI Breaker is a 3 pair roller Card. It is suitable for processing long Jute, Kenaf or Cuttings. The Card is fed from Spreader rolls, Hopper and Distributor feed or by hand, with an effective production up to 300 kg/hr. The M2 Finisher is a 4.5 pair roller half circular Card. It can also be used as an intermediate card for Kenaf and Cuttings. Effective production up to 275 kg/hr.

No 1 Breaker and No 2 Finisher Cards - To process leaf fibres such as Doum Palm and Phormium Tenex. Cards specifically designed for the processing of special leaf fibres are also available.