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  • Zhejing Golden Eagle, China, has acquired from Bridge Mackie Textile International Limited, the rights to manufacture the full range of Mackie Textile machinery and accessories. This will widen their existing product range and customer base.
  • The buyout of the Bridge Mackie Textile International Ltd., business incorporates the right to use the 'Mackie' trade name and all intellectual property which includes: trade marks, patent and manufacturing rights, engineering drawings, tools jigs, fixtures and all other information associated with the manufacture of Mackie Textile Machinery, accessories and spare parts.
  • The new Northern Ireland based company, Golden Eagle Mackie (UK) Ltd., will market the full range of Mackie products and will provide the full range of services to existing Mackie machinery users world-wide. They will also market specific Golden Eagle products.
  • Golden Eagle have a full Research and Development team who will modernise existing equipment and develop new products in the traditional sectors of Flax, Hemp, Jute, Sisal, Wool, Synthetic fibres and Extrusion.
  • The company has employed ex-Mackie personnel who are familiar with the textile industry and are highly experienced in the areas of Design, Sales and Customer Service.