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Zhejiang Golden Eagle Group of China has purchased from Bridge Mackie Textile International Ltd., the intellectual property, manufacturing rights, patents, trademarks, sole rights to use the Mackie tradename and the worldwide exclusive marketing rights of all Mackie products.

A new company, Golden Eagle Mackie (UK) Ltd., has been established by the parent company in conjunction with the personnel in Belfast, to market the full range of Mackie and selected Golden Eagle products.

Zhejiang Golden Eagle, who was the joint venture partner of the former Bridge Mackie Textile International Company in China, has manufactured in excess of 300 Mackie Textile machines plus a wide range of spare parts for Mackie machinery. The continued use of this experience, as well as the same personnel in Belfast, will ensure continuity of a quality product and service.

Golden Eagle Mackie (UK) Ltd. has moved to new premises and the contact information is shown on the relevant page.

We assure all our customers continued support and trust we can continue our successful business relationship into the future.

We can be contacted by fax, email or telephone using the details obtained from the contacts button.





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